Google Eye – Google’s Project Glass with Smart phone Features.

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google project glassGoogle’s much anticipated video eyeglasses are seemingly under progression. For years, we have been hearing speculation about Google’s programs to release special video eyeglasses consolidating all functions of a mobile phone. Lately, people at Google’s well-known hush-hush lab The search engines X have appeared as set of pictures and a movie on the recommended The search engines Spectacles. They present themselves as the associates of The search engines X- project glass, which is used to develop a type of technological innovation that will let customers discover and reveal a new community. The The search engines eyeglasses may start up a new skyline of possibilities just before side of the users’ sight. Here we go through some prospective functions of The search engines Cup, which are collected based on the video and pictures from the The search engines X team.

To call people, deliver textual content messages and search web: Well, The search engines Spectacles may likely come as a finish replace the contemporary mobile phones. Maybe, it will take here we are at the understanding of the eyeglasses. Yes, there will be innovative alternatives for customers to call people, deliver textual content messages and even search web on the eyeglasses. Dressed in the couple of translucent eyeglasses, customers can stay utilized to a community of connections and understanding.

The Main features Of Project Glass

  • Sound recognition: Of course, a Siri-like audio acknowledgement app will be the primary operate of The search engines Spectacles. Users will not have to media on many more control buttons or lay hands on a touchscreen display screen to control it. Everything will take position as the person just informs it to do some activities. You can just tell the glassless to create a call, deliver a textual content or search the web on a search term and like that. The movie from The search engines X team clearly testifies the glasses’ audio acknowledgement functionality.
  • Location navigation: There would be no better user interface than a couple of eyeglasses for position routing. On ask for, the eyeglasses may possibly show The search engines Map with route towards your location. It is quite simple for the person to create out the position and move forward to the search as the map is proven that much near to the sight.
  • To set reminders: The eyeglasses can tell a person of a conference or an involvement much successfully. Memory on a mobile phone, which you keep in your trouser’s wallet, may sometimes go without required interest. But, when the eyeglasses before side of your sight tell you of a operate or occurrence, possibilities are high that you will not ignore it.
  • Video chatting: There will also a video chating ability. Think about of making video chating with your buddies while going for walks in a road. Won’t it be an amazing experience for you?
  • To catch photos: The video from The search engines X team reveals that the eyeglasses are able of getting pictures as well. The person of the eyeglasses in the video takes pictures of some wall-posters and immediately stocks them with buddies on Google+. This operate will be yet another game-changing functionality of Google’s possible video eyeglasses.

Is project glass really going to take place?

This concern is important since the item is to come from The search engines X. It is a key lab of the Hill Perspective online massive. The company makes a large number of identical tests in The search engines X with the latest one being a self-driving car. Most of such innovations never actually become professional products. That is why some experts are troubled that the project glass may also have such a identical luck. Some experts even went on to think that it might be just an Apr deceive scam from The search engines. But, what the The search engines X team says is that they are seriously working on such a item and searching for readers’ feedback for its progression.

“A list of us from Google[x] began project glass to develop this type of technological innovation, one that allows you discover and reveal your community, placing you back in when. We’re giving this information now because we want to start a discussion and learn from your useful feedback,” the team has published on Venture Glass’ Google+ page.

Google’s Project Glass Videos.

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